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About Us

SiteGalore comes from Akmin, a leading provider of software for service providers since 1998 and currently serves over 5 million users world wide. Founded in 1998 as a web technologies company, Akmin Technologies today offers globally acclaimed solutions, like SiteGalore, WebsiteForever, mobiSiteGalore and Mobile apps such as AppForever, Hindu Calendar, Nalla Neram, SleepPeacefully, PoliteReminder, SmartSilent, MeditatePeacefully etc.

It´s our mission to enhance the lives of 500 Million people by 2020. With this vision, we have set out on this journey to do something worthwhile to a large part of the humanity, and we continue to look for problems that affect most people and try solving them.

SiteGalore is the global leader in do-it-yourself website building solutions for service providers. Launched in 2001, SiteGalore soon became the most preferred site building tool for over 1200+ service providers across 45 countries to offer private branded online website building and publishing services to their users who predominantly consisted of small businesses. Some of our clients include Airtel, Vodafone, Aruba, MTS, Netregistry, Omnis etc.

To us success means creating extraordinary value for every stakeholder associated with us. In all our activities, we continue to be a humane organization for all stakeholders keeping human values and integrity above all else.