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Why SiteGalore?

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  • Your own brand & domain name. No mention of SiteGalore.
  • Set your own pricing & user packs
  • Very little technical knowledge or management required
  • Start offering this service within 24 hours
  • Offer it as DIY service or build it for your clients

Itīs an all inclusive solution that frees you completely allowing you to focus fully on marketing & client acquisition

Since 2001, SiteGalore has really been used by 1000s of service providers of all sizes from all over the world. You are in safe hands with us!

Unlike most online services which have all become highly commoditized, the success or failure of an private branded (also called white labeled) online website building service depends entirely on the choice of the site building tool ... because ultimately if your users are not able to use it to build a professional looking website that works for their business ... then there is simply no point ... which is why SiteGalore makes such a crucial difference. Guarantee the success of your new online website building service ... with SiteGalore.

Since 2001 when SiteGalore was first launched 1000s of service providers, design houses, web entrepreneurs, etc successfully offer our solution to build websites to their customers. Large Telcos and services providers also offer this a Value Added Service (VAS) to their customers

SiteGalore allows you to offer it as a Hosted Model (Software as a Service) or purchase a license and offer our powerful website building service to your customers. Take a look at some of the features that SiteGalore offers for service providers